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Manjistha root premium Ayurvedic spice powder, 75g jar

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Spice powder from the manjista root provides clarity for body and mind and helps to regain new strength, according to the ayurvedic teachings that are thousands of years old.

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Product description

The Manjistha-Wurzel According to Ayurvedic teachings, brings clarity to body and mind and helps to regain strength. Thanks to its blood-cleansing properties, the Manjistha root powder has a beneficial effect on all doshas and makes stressed and diseased skin radiantly beautiful again.

This Manjistha root powder - also called Chovallikoti Churnam or Madder Choornam in India - from natural cultivation (organic) was processed and produced according to the plant parts specified in Ayurvedic guidelines. The Churna plant powder balances all three doshas.

Ayurveda Properties Manjistha Root Churna Rasa: astringent, bitter Guna: heavy Vipaka: pungent Virya: hot Highly pure, laboratory-tested quality!


Stir approx. 2g powder (a slightly heaped teaspoon) into warm water and drink.


Manjistawurzel* (lat. Rubia Cordifolia) * aus natürlichem Anbau (Organic)



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