Cinnamon Ceylon or Cassia ground in a glass, 80g

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Cinnamon Ceylon or Cassia ground in a glass, 80g

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Of the Real Ceylon cinnamon we offer here as a ground powder. Cinnamon combines the properties of bitter and sweet and, above all, has a calming effect on Kapha and Vata. Cinnamon also promotes Agni and is known for its blood sugar-lowering properties. Cinnamon has a strong heating effect and stimulates the circulation and is considered an all-round talent.
✓ Reducing Vata and Kapha

✓ Vegan
✓ Lactose free
✓ Gluten free
✓ Raw food
✓ From FairTrade production

Cinnamon Ceylon 80g jar
Cinnamon Cassia 80g jar

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Product description

Use real Ceylon cinnamon for desserts such as pastries, rice pudding, fruit, mulled wine, punch, liqueur, tea or for breakfast in muesli. Incidentally, cinnamon and ginger are part of many curry mixtures.

Buy genuine Ceylon cinnamon or cassia from natural cultivation in Switzerland.

Psychological symbolic language C. Beerlandt

who Cinammon likes, looks forward to certain things full of desire, longs ... his salivary glands are already starting to work doubly at the thought of ... This person will be careful not to 'desire' not to long for the future too much, himself don't long for it too much.

The first lesson he has to learn is to let go to find himself in the joyful NOW. He will stop limiting his thoughts and wanting to grasp what could or should come tomorrow... He must neither fixate himself nor lose himself in certain things outside of himself.

He must be very careful to always stay INTO HIMSELF. The cause of a strong craving for cinnamon sometimes indicates some kind of restlessness to do or accomplish this and that; he will learn not to plan eagerly in advance, to mouth-water and look longingly... to argue and brood over how he might solve or get this or that thing.

The cinnamon sphere finally made it clear to him that no next step can be taken unless the previous one has first been clarified and resolved or let go. 'You'll have to do it yourself', the cinnamon sphere then adds, 'even if you can get information from someone else, it's you who have to look at your things carefully and solve them. Be autonomous, independent!


According to the recipe or your own taste.


Cinnamon Ceylon *, acc. * from controlled organic cultivation

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