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What your illness wants to tell you

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Every illness tells us through our body's reactions exactly where we have lost our inner balance. In this book, Kurt Tepperwein shows how we can recognize and correctly interpret symptoms of illness, and recommends steps towards healing. With descriptions of more than 100 symptoms from A to Z.


Number of pages: 304
Mass: (L/B/H): 18.7/12.8/2.2 cm
Cover: paperback

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A new science of living things has developed from quantum physics. It describes the living organism as an energy field, which confirms the ancient tradition of the human energy body. This pulsating energy body controls all biochemical and bioelectrical processes in our organism. The effect of drugs is based on the fact that the energy they contain influences the energy field of the organism. Medicines work through the oscillation of their energy and thus pass on information to the organism's energy field. In the ideal case, an existing energetic deficiency can be compensated in this way.

If we want to recognize the “reality behind the appearance”, we have to learn to think in terms of energies, that is to say, ask ourselves: “What is the energy behind it? What is causing it? What does it want to achieve? How can I bring this energy into harmony? «It is not uncommon for the knowledge gained through questioning to lead to a crisis. But a crisis always contains something positive. Only by living through it can it pass into the lysis, the solution. The word "crisis" means "decision" or "turning point," and a crisis should also be the decisive turning point in a situation. It is therefore a necessary phase in any development process.

Life speaks to us in many "languages". The "language of living conditions", the "language of our problems" or the "language of our desires", to name just a few. The "language of symptoms" is just one of the possible expressions life uses, but the message is the same.





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