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Star anise (Anasphal) whole 50g

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Star anise tastes sweet, bitter and hot. It balances Vata, is Kapha reducing and Pitta increasing. It also has an antispasmodic, digestive effect, against flatulence and slight cramps. Star anise is also used as a gingerbread spice.

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Product description

Star anise Ayurveda Classic (Anasphal) has the taste according to the Ayurveda teaching (Rasa) sweet, bitter and hot. Star anise balances Vata, is Kapha reducing and Pitta increasing and is a natural appetizing spice. The star-shaped fruits with the brown, shiny seeds they contain have not only an unmistakable taste but also decorative qualities.

Star anise not only goes well with sweet dishes, fruit compotes, rice dishes, curry dishes in Ayurveda dishes and is also an important ingredient as a gingerbread spice. Star anise has an expectorant effect, promotes expectoration and has slightly antispasmodic properties. It is used in tea mixtures for catarrh of the respiratory tract, digestive problems with bloating, flatulence and slight cramps. Star anise is not just a spice but a valuable natural remedy for flu and flu-like infections. Buy all natural star anise now, delivered from Switzerland.

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According to the recipe or as required.


Sternanis ganz aus natürilchem Anbau. (Organic)

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