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Shatavari Churna, 100-200g

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Shatavari Churna Ayurvedic Herbal Spice Powder. Reduces Pitta and Vata, increases Kapha. Shatavari is used for calming down, as it soothes the unsteady Vata Dosha. It has an anxiety-relieving and nerve-calming effect and ensures a restful and relaxed night's sleep.
Size: 100 grams glass
100 grams glass
200 gram glass
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Shatavari Churna (Asparagus racemosus) from Nimi is an Ayurvedic spice powder made from the Shatavari root and reduces Vata and Pitta and increases Kapha.

Ayurvedic properties Dosha: reduces Vata and Pitta, increases Kapha Rasa: sweet, bitter Guna: heavy, oily Vipaka: sweet Virya: cooling Ultra-pure, laboratory-tested quality! Churnas from Nimi consist of the plant parts specified in the Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts and are processed and produced according to Ayurvedic guidelines.
Stir approx. 5g powder into warm water and drink. Ayurveda Paradise always recommends consulting an Ayurveda doctor.
Shatavari * (Latin Asparagus Racemosus) from natural cultivation.