Original Shakti Akupressurmatte XL Grün
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Shaktimatte Orange - the original

CHF 108.00

The original Shakti acupressure mat in XL format (or nail board) inspired by India, has pointed knobs made of ABS plastic with 230 rosettes and 27 points each.

Acupressure easy: Lie naked on the mat for up to 40 minutes. The stimulates through your own body weight and the countless acupuncture or marma points Nail mat Body and mind and you experience deep relaxation and regeneration.

The blood circulation is stimulated and a good blood circulation serves your well-being and the strengthening of the immune system.

100% organic cotton from India.

Filler: foam PE polyethylene.
Dimensions of the Shakti mat: 78 x 42cm (height / width)

Artikelnummer: 45878
Hersteller: Shakti Suisse
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Original Shakti Akupressurmatte XL Grün

Shaktimatte Orange - the original

CHF 108.00

The Shakti mat

We offer that in Ayurveda Paradise Original of the Shakti mat at. The trendsetter bears the official CE mark, which confirms that the product complies with the EU consumption requirements for safety, health and environmental friendliness.

the Shakti mat has 6,000 nails, the Shakti Light even 8,000 nails and the Advanced 4,000 nails. The fewer nails an acupressure mat has, the more intense the pressure per point.

All Shakti mats that we offer are made by hand from 100% organic cotton. There were no harmful chemicals used in dyeing.

Your Shakti mat has one high quality foam and offers a long service life. Also note the original Shakti print on the upper side that the Original goods excels.

You will receive a detailed brochure with information and instructions and a Shakti mat according to your order.

Choose the original Shakti mat. Copies and cheap versions will come and go. The original Shakti mat remains.

Buy the original Shakti mat delivered from Switzerland.


A wellness experience every time with the Indian nail mat

After using the Shakti mat, you feel full of new energy, as if you woke up after a night and a good night's sleep.


During acupuncture treatment, endorphins are released from our brain. Endorphins relieve pain and block pain impulses. The original Shakti mat is particularly suitable for the treatment of back, neck and other pain in the limbs.


Use the Shakti mat if you have the time or the inclination, if possible daily. As with physical training, daily use is recommended to maintain existing results.


When lying on the mat you should be relaxed and breathe deeply. Before you get used to the Shakti mat, it can be difficult to relax because you can feel the tips pressing against your skin for the first few minutes. This can be a little uncomfortable, but after a few treatments you will get used to it. After a few minutes, a pleasant, warming feeling spreads and the body relaxes.


If you have very sensitive skin, you can at the beginning place a thin cloth between the skin and the Shakti mat. However, this will mitigate the effect of the treatment.


In the beginning one can Treatment time of 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient, then gradually increase the treatment time to 20 to 40 minutes. Even if you lie on the Shakti mat for a long time or even fall asleep on it, there is no danger.

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Ayurveda doctors treat very complex clinical pictures and pave the way to holistic recovery. Ayurveda doctors are trained at the highest level with a federal diploma.

Recommendation: We therefore recommend that you take a comprehensive Ayurvedic medical history (called Prashna Pariksha).

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