SHAKTI Indian Nail Matte XL Advanced blue

CHF 108.00

After a busy day you might have Body pain or back pain? You want to reduce muscle pain and regenerate through sports Acupressure improve or just relax for half an hour?


They too were endowed with a body the one Self-healing power can develop! By suggesting the Akurpressur mat ShaktiMat supports you the nail mat on one completely natural and promotes their recovery and relaxation.


the Shakti mat Advanced XL is a little longer than the original. she is 10cm longer and is therefore well suited for people with a greater body length. With the 4544 tips, it is ideal for ‘die-hard’ who are looking for a deeper effect. Less tips = more pressure.


✓ Acupressure mat for back pain, insomnia, chronic stress, fatigue, tension, headache and much more.

✓ Application without prior knowledge with instructions

✓ The tip knobs do not wear out because they are made from recycled ABS plastic

✓ 100% certified organic cotton with natural dyes

✓ 100% recycled foam

✓ Fair production in a women's workshop from India. The women are encouraged for their own lives

✓ Dimensions: 780 x 425 x 25mm (height / width / depth)

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SHAKTI Indian Nail Matte XL Advanced blue

SHAKTI Indian Nail Matte XL Advanced blue

CHF 108.00

Origin from Chinese medicine
The acupressure mat is based on the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and was developed by a massage therapist. Through the application, back pain or body aches as well as problems falling asleep can be noticeably alleviated. In addition, happiness hormones and endorphins are released.

Over 95% of pain is caused by muscles
The extra-large nail mat as a luxury model for tall people is equipped with round nail circles with 27 ABS plastic tips each at regular intervals. These knobs stimulate the circulation of the resting parts of the body. This creates unmistakable parallels to acupuncture. The nail mat ensures the release of the happiness hormone endorphin. The happiness hormones increase well-being and can alleviate pain of all kinds. The relaxed muscles can promote deep sleep. Over 95% of body pain is caused by muscles.

Shakti Luxury Matte Anwendung
Shakti Indian nail mat XL Luxury application

SHAKTI mat application
Lie down naked on the mat according to the enclosed instructions. Noticeable pain relief can already set in after about 20 minutes and a pleasant warmth spreads throughout the body. Tensions in the back and neck can be released and the mat can also be used for other parts of the body. You can find more information in our Ayurveda magazine. For example, it can also be used as a back cushion on an office chair to relieve spasms in the lumbar vertebrae and counteract painful sciatica.

Follow the instructions for use in the package.