Ayus Punarnava Asava, 500ml
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Ayus Punarnava Asava, 500ml

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Ayus Asava Punarnava, 500ml supports the immune system and has a positive effect on internal cleansing and optimizes moisture management. Punarnava supports bile production, bile flow and digestion and can counteract the enlargement of the spleen and abdominal pain.

Ayurvedic properties

  • Doshas: all 3 doshas are reduced
  • Rasa (taste): bitter, tart, hot, sweet
  • Guna (property): light, dry, cold, liquid
  • Virya (potency): heating
  • Vipaka (taste after digestion): sweet (other sources also spicy)
  • Increased sattva
  • Increased Ojas
  • Strengthens Agni


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Ayus Punarnava Asava, 500ml

Ayus Punarnava Asava, 500ml

CHF 12.00 CHF 9.60

Punarnava has no tradition in western herbal medicine, but in Ayurveda.
The strengths of Punarnava lie in its draining effects. In India, Punarnava grows as a "weed" everywhere in damp soils. Punarnava is an annual plant with a sturdy rhizome. The very small flowers are reddish or white.

Studies: The whole plant of Boerhaavia diffusa L. (Nyctaginaceae) offers good medicinal properties. Some pharmacological effects have been demonstrated for this plant in chemical studies, including hepatoprotective, antifibrinolytic and anti-inflammatory activities.

Shake well before use. Enjoy in small amounts after a meal. About 1-2 teaspoons.
Aristhas and Asavas are made using a traditional self-fermentation process from water, sugar cane molasses and herbs. Herbal drink with alcohol not suitable for children.
Ayurvedic medicine

Healthy means a balance between body, mind and spirit. We often ignore this wisdom of Ayurveda. This is followed by complaints or even serious illnesses - physically, mentally, emotionally.

Ayurveda doctors treat very complex clinical pictures and pave the way to holistic recovery. Ayurveda doctors are trained at the highest level with a federal diploma.

Recommendation: We therefore recommend that you take a comprehensive Ayurvedic medical history (called Prashna Pariksha).

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