Pippali Churna Organic 100-250 Gramm: Hausapotheke, Kapha reduzierend, Krämpfe, Nerventonikum, Vata reduzierend, Verjüngung - Ayurveda Produkte
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Pippali Churna Organic 100-250 grams

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Spice powder from natural cultivation.
The fruits of the Indian long pepper, long grain pepper, contain piperine and stimulate the digestive fire agni like no other plant. It is very valued in Ayurveda as rasayanas (rejuvenating agents).

Ayurvedic properties of Pippali

parts of plants used: fruits
Dosha: Vata and Kapha become reducing
Rasa (taste): hot, bitter and sweet
Guna (properties): oily, light, pointed
Virya (potency, potency): slightly heating
Vipaka (effect after digestion): sweet
Agni (metabolic energy): strengthens Agni

Alternative product: Also note Pippali spice powder from Cosmoveda in a 100g can with a ‘spoon’ for convenient dosing.

Size: 100 grams glass
100 grams glass
250 grams glass
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Nimi Pippali Churna or long pepper (Piper longum). An Ayurvedic spice powder. In addition to some other compelling benefits, Pippali long pepper is said to have a rejuvenating effect. The Ama is best removed and eliminated from the body with Pippalli. Pippalli also has a nerve-stimulating, heart-strengthening, antispasmodic and restorative effect.

Very good, light green quality. As usual with good quality, it was picked half immature and processed manually.

Pippali for cooking and medical use

Pippali is a perennial climber that has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for millennia. In Ayurveda, long pepper is considered a rejuvenating agent because it stimulates digestion and cleanses the body. Freshly ground, I use the long pepper in almost all dishes, but especially in fine curries.

Its sweet and warming spiciness even surpasses the white pepper. The taste of Pippali is not sharp, only when it is metabolized, which helps very well with too much Ama.

Verwendungsbeispiel: ca. 3g Pulver (einen Teelöffel) in warmes Wasser einrühren und trinken oder eine Messerspitze in ein Curry oder anderes Gericht geben.
Pippali* (deutsch: langer Pfeffer, lat. Piper Longum) Hochreine, laborgeprüfte Qualität.
Ayurveda Medizin

Gesund bedeutet ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Körper, Geist und Seele. Oft ignorieren wir diese Weisheit des Ayurveda. Darauf folgen Beschwerden oder gar ernste Krankheiten - körperlich, geistig, seelisch.

Ayurveda MedizinerInnen behandeln sehr komplexe Krankheitsbilder und bereiten den Weg zu ganzheitlicher Genesung. Ayurveda MedizinerInnen werden auf höchstem Niveau mit eidgenössischem Diplom ausgebildet.

Empfehlung: Daher empfehlen wir Ihnen eine umfangreiche ayurvedische Anamnese (Prashna Pariksha genannt).

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