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Black pepper in a jar, organic 100g

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Pepper belongs in every kitchen and refines almost every dish. The small black grains are not only tasty and hot, but also extremely healthy. Black pepper helps digestion or various cold symptoms and supports fat burning.


✓ vegan
✓ from natural cultivation (organic)
✓ Lactose free
✓ gluten free
✓ Raw food
✓ Pitta Kapha increasing

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Product description

Black pepper can be one of the best spices for cough because it is sharp, light, dry, hot and penetrating. The taste after digestion is pungent (katu).

However, pepper is very hot. Therefore caution is advised because it irritates Pitta, dries up and destroys Kapha. Please do not use on small children and weak children.
Not ideal for people with stomach ulcers or gastritis.

Psychological symbolic language by C. Beerlandt

Pfeffer dislikes loose words, but demands Total Commitment. It will make people see that there is no point in doing half the job or meaning half of what you say. Pepper doesn't appreciate gossip at all.

The person who loves pepper will have to bond with life on the basis of authenticity and trust. Pepper talks about the fire forces that are ready in humans, so that they can speak, so that they can manifest themselves with all the energy they have inside.

Pepper says: "Let's go!" Go away evil! Step aside, for I am here. No one can block my path, no one can hold me back, for I live from my heart for authenticity. I do not live in emotional dependence on another; I feel good about myself and strong as a Godman, so I will not sear myself by gorging on grief and anger. My throat is a warm, free tunnel that lets life's happiness through with ease.


According to your taste or the recipe.


Black pepper*, whole

* from controlled organic cultivation



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