Ayurveda Nasenspülkännchen
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Nasal rinsing jug with measuring spoon

CHF 11.00
Regular rinsing of the nose with warm salt water to cleanse dirt, dust and allergens is recommended in Ayurveda. A mild saline solution has a profound effect on the entire nasal and sinus area. Rinsing loosens secretions and helps with dry mucous membranes.
  • 115ml content
  • Made from high quality, pearl white porcelain
  • To supplement the nasal irrigation you can Nasya nasal oils can be used
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Ayurveda Nasenspülkännchen

Nasal rinsing jug with measuring spoon

CHF 11.00

Porcelain nasal rinsing jug

The regular use serves to prevent hay fever and to refresh the head and nose area. The nasal rinsing jug is made of high quality porcelain in pearl white. The content is 115ml.
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