Kachooradi Choornam, 50gr herbal powder
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Kachooradi Choornam, 50gr Kräuter-Pulver:  - Ayurveda Produkte
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Kachooradi Choornam, 50gr herbal powder

CHF 25.00

Herbal powder made from Indian herbs

The Kachooradi Choornam herbal powder is used for complaints in the head area. For more information, contact your Ayurveda doctor or therapist.

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Kachooradi Choornam, 50gr herbal powder

Kachooradi Choornam, 50gr herbal powder

CHF 25.00
Kachooradi Choornam from Kairali is an ideal mixture of potent herbs such as Shati, Yashti, Dhatri, Bala and others according to the list of ingredients that are described in the classic Ayurveda test Sahasrayogam. It is an extremely versatile herbal powder. It is also used successfully in children. For further information please consult your Ayurveda doctor.
Consumption according to the recommendation of an Ayurveda doctor with milk or warm water.
Composition per 10gr
S.No.Sanskrit nameBotanical nameParts UsedQty.
1KachuraKaempferia galangaMargin no.0.345 g
2DhatriPhyllanthus emblicaMs.R.0.345 g
3ManjishtaRubia cordifoliaSt.0.345 g
4YashtiGlycyrrhiza glabraRt0.345 g
5DevadaruCedrus deodaraHt Wd0.345 g
6Himadwaya (each)
 SrikhandamSantalum albumHt Wd0.345 g
RaktachandanaPterocarpus santalinusHt Wd0.345 g
7Kannaram  0.345 g
8KanmadamParmelia perlataPl.0.345 g
9VedhiFerula foetidaExd0.345 g
10RohiniPicrorhiza kurroaRt.0.345 g
11KrishnajeerakaCuminum cyminumFr.0.345 g
12RasnaAlpinia calcarataMargin no.0.345 g
13TintrinisiraTamarindus indicaLf0.345 g
14SaribaHemidesmus indicusRt0.345 g
15KumkumamCrocus sativusStmn0.345 g
16ZaryaVateria indicaExd0.345 g
17InduCinnamomum champhoraExd0.345 g
18VarivahaCyperus rotundusRt0.345 g
19Kantivenna  0.345 g
20BalasiphaSida cordifoliaRt.0.345 g
21LajamOryza sativaSd.0.345 g
22KauntiVitex negundoFr.0.345 g
23JalaColeus vettiveroidesRt0.345 g
24UseeraAcorus calamusMargin no.0.345 g
25AmayaSaussurea lappaRt.0.345 g
26SanninayakamAloe barbendensisW.S.E.0.345 g
27KaviRed ocher 0.345 g
28JatiphalaMyristica fragransFr.0.345 g
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