The spiritual laws - know, understand, integrate

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Kurt Tepperwein's central work about what everyone can do for their happiness and success.


Our lives and all of creation are permeated by an inner order that obeys certain laws. These Spiritual Laws have their own rhythm in which we are all embedded. Our entire life takes place in rhythms; space and time are also subject to them. Only knowledge of these eternal laws enables us to use them meaningfully in our lives.


For decades, the well-known therapist and spiritual teacher Kurt Tepperwein has been dealing with these laws of fate, about which famous masters and philosophers from various cultures have written. Building on a treasure trove of valuable traditional knowledge, he has written this »reader«, which should help us to feel more and more as an inseparable part of the whole. The spiritual laws help us: They point to a justice beyond convention and morality and show a cosmic plan that offers new, unimagined possibilities to solve our problems.


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The spiritual laws - know, understand, integrate

The spiritual laws - know, understand, integrate

CHF 11.90 CHF 13.90

Review by Jürgen Schröter

Kurt Tepperwein's book is a real CLASSIC, both mentally and spiritually. Once when I was asked which books I would choose if I could only take three to one island, it was one of three.

CLASSICS, because with its first edition from 1992 the book addressed topics that are still topical today and actually only find their deepening. Even more: the full potential of the book has not yet reached the “general public”.

Today we know that our thoughts and our awareness are crucial for our success in life. Only in this way can we free ourselves from the conditioning of the past and really lead our life CONSCIOUSLY.

But as blind as technology would be without the laws of science, our consciousness is so blind without the spiritual laws. Kurt Tepperwein was the first in German-speaking countries to summarize them in a handy way.

My conclusion: It is like every classic: Here the essentials are stated comprehensively in classic beauty and clarity: "Everything else on the subject are just footnotes." If you ever end up on a lonely island and you are only allowed to take three books with you: this should be there.