Chi-Cafe Classic Dr. Jacobs, 400gr:  - Ayurveda Produkte
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Chi-Cafe Classic Dr. Jacobs, 400gr

CHF 29.50 CHF 19.00

Chi-Cafe Classic. An aromatic, mild coffee with ginseng and reishi by Dr. Jacobs

  • Good for digestion and intestines, teeth and bones
  • Dietary fiber and natural calcium from acacia fiber
  • Natural caffeine from coffee and guarana: stimulates, not upsets
  • Easy to prepare and vegan
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Chi-Cafe Classic Dr. Jacobs, 400gr:  - Ayurveda Produkte

Chi-Cafe Classic Dr. Jacobs, 400gr

CHF 29.50 CHF 19.00

Awakens the life energy and ensures a good gut feeling

Chi-Cafe classic awakens the "Chi", the vital energy, and inspires the mind and spirit. The first fiber-rich coffee drink with aromatic plant extracts ensures pure enjoyment. Chi-Cafe classic is a combination of exquisite types of coffee, supplemented with special plant extracts from ginseng, guarana and reishi mushrooms, which ensure a uniquely harmonious coffee aroma.

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Soluble fiber

3 cups of Chi-Cafe classic provide 13 g of fiber, which corresponds to 43% of the DGE (German Society for Nutrition) reference value for fiber intake. The dietary fiber contained is obtained without chemical treatment from the sap of acacias from the sub-Saharan region in Africa. This is also known as acacia gum.

Natural calcium for energy metabolism, digestion and bones
Normal coffee leads to a loss of calcium1. Chi-Cafe classic, on the other hand, supplies calcium. Three cups of 30 mg soy drink with calcium each contain 31.5% of the recommended daily dose of calcium from acacia fiber. Calcium supports the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, a normal energy metabolism and the normal function of digestive enzymes. Chi-Cafe classic is good for the intestines and digestion.

1) Massey LK, Whiting SJ (1993): Caffeine, urinary Calcium, Calcium Metabolism and Bone. J. Nutr. 123: 1611-1614.

Gently stimulating with guarana

Chi-Cafe classic contains caffeine from coffee and guarana. Caffeine is released more slowly from the tropical guarana fruit. In this way, the effects are milder and longer lasting.

Each cup of Chi-Cafe classic contains around 75 mg of caffeine, which increases alertness and improves concentration.

For one cup 6 g Chi-Cafe (approx. 2 teaspoons) with approx. 100 ml hot water infuse. Add 30 ml of milk or soy drink with calcium. If necessary with SteviaBase sweet. The best thing to do is to froth everything up with a hand milk frother Fully develop the aroma. Chi-Cafe classic is also cold-soluble for frappé or iced coffee. Enjoy 3 cups of Chi-Cafe classic daily and make sure you have a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Please shake before opening for the first time. Filling level due to technical reasons. Coffee beverage powder with fiber, soluble coffee and flavoring Plant extracts.

Acacia gum (69%, soluble fiber), soluble coffee (23%), natural flavor (with guarana extract, reishi extract, ginseng extract).

Nutritional values: 

Average values per:100 g1 cup ***
Calorific value795kJ / 190kcal97kJ / 23kcal (1.2% *)
fat<0.1g0.5g (<1% *)
- hereof: saturated fatty acids<0.1g0.1g (<1% *)
carbohydrates7.6g1.2g (<1% *)
- of which sugars1.8g0.9g (1%)
protein3.3g1.1g (2.2% *)
salt0.5g0.06g (1% *)
Calcium800mg (100% **)84mg (10.5% **)

* Reference amount for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal) ** Reference amounts for daily intake (NRV - nutrient reference values) *** 1 cup: 6 g powder + 100 ml water + 30 ml soy drink with calcium.

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