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Chi Café Balance Dr. Jacobs, 180gr

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Healthy coffee enjoyment1 – for a good gut feeling1


Chi-Cafe balance: harmonious, basic, mild + for real connoisseurs


Good for digestion and intestines, energy, mood and nerves
Stimulates, not upsets - with caffeine from guarana and coffee 
Basic calcium and magnesium for the maintenance of bones and teeth
Valuable fiber from acacia fiber – 3 cups contain 10 g
✓ Green coffee, pomegranate, ginseng and a touch of cocoa (polyphenols)
✓ Vegan, without additives, sugar, lactose, fat and gluten

180 g powdered drink with coffee, fibre, minerals and flavoring plant extracts (36 cups)



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Product description

Chi Cafe balance: the healthy alternative to coffee

“Chi” means life energy. Chi-Cafe follows this motto balance made from exquisite ingredients to awaken your vitality. The secret lies in the harmonious composition of gently roasted Coffee, natural soluble fiber made of acacia fiber, magnesium and calcium. Additional are polyphenols from green coffee, guarana, pomegranates, ginseng, reishi mushroom and cocoa.

Chi Cafe balance is particularly creamy and you taste a nuance of cocoa.

Chi Cafe balance provides valuable minerals that support normal digestion and the maintenance of normal bones. Turn an old habit into a new path of balance, enjoyment and health united!

Caffeine from Guarana: gentle stimulation without excitement

Caffeine from regular coffee stimulates directly. The caffeine from the tropical guarana fruit, on the other hand, is released slowly and ensures a milder and longer-lasting caffeine effect.

A cup contains about 75 mg of caffeine from guarana and coffee, which improves concentration and increases alertness.

Valuable minerals

Chi Cafe balance supplies the two minerals calcium and magnesium and is particularly mild. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness, to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and to normal mental function (mood) as well as muscle and nerve function. Magnesium and calcium contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Calcium supports the normal function of digestive enzymes in the intestine. That concludes Chi Cafe balance good for the gut and digestion.

Three cups of Chi-Cafe cover around 30% of the daily requirement for magnesium and calcium.

Why coffee with fiber from acacia fiber?

75% of German women take in too little dietary fiber (NVS2). The German Society for Nutrition recommends an intake of 30 g per day. Three cups of Chi Cafe balance provide about 10 g of dietary fiber.

The special soluble fiber in Chi-Cafe balance is also known as acacia gum and is obtained without chemical treatment from the sap of acacia trees from sub-Saharan Africa.

Chi-Cafe - the original since 2004

During his training, Dr. L. M. Jacob on how much coffee was consumed in the hospital. Over time, these large quantities of coffee were tolerated less and less well by many people. That's why he asked himself: "Is it possible to enjoy coffee without a guilty conscience?"

This is how Dr. Jacob Europe's first coffee alternative with acacia fibers, natural minerals, caffeine from guarana, reishi mushroom and ginseng.

Chi-Cafe not only tastes incredibly delicious - its composition is unique.

... and so Chi-Cafe became the favorite coffee for connoisseurs!


Consumption recommendation


For one cup, pour 5 g Chi-Cafe (approx. 2 teaspoons) with approx. 100 ml hot water. Add 30 ml milk or soy drink with calcium and sweeten as needed. For the full development of the aroma, it is best to froth everything with a hand milk frother. For frappé or iced coffee, the beverage powder is also soluble in cold water.

Enjoy three cups of Chi-Cafe daily balance and pay attention to a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Filling level due to technical reasons. Please shake before first opening.


Gum Acacia (55%, Soluble Fiber), Soluble Coffee (26%), Natural Flavor (with Guarana Extract, Reishi Extract, Ginseng Extract), Magnesium Citrate, Green Coffee Extract (2%), Cocoa Powder, Calcium Lactate, Pomegranate Extract (1%).

Contains approx. 75 mg of natural caffeine per cup (5 g).




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