Chana Dal Masala Spice Mix 80g
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Chana Dal Masala Spice Mix 80g

CHF 9.00

Chana Dal is one of the classics of Indian and Ayurvedic cuisine. Delicious and healthy, the dish is rich in protein and nutrients. With self-made chapatis according to Ayurveda, a delicious and healthy main meal.

Chana Dal Masala Spice Mixture: A specially coordinated Ayurvedic mixture of exquisite spices that allows you to conjure up a delicious Chana Dal dish on the table.

✓ Vegan
✓ Lactose free
✓ Gluten free
✓ Raw food
✓ From FairTrad


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Chana Dal Masala Spice Mix 80g

Chana Dal Masala Spice Mix 80g

CHF 9.00
A recipe with Chana Dal Masala can be found at
Scatter 1-2 teaspoons into the dal.

Ginger *, turmeric *, coriander *, cumin *, garam masala * (black pepper *, coriander *, green cardamom *, cumin *, cinnamon *, cloves *), pepper *, chilli *.
* from controlled organic cultivation
Can have traces mustard contain.

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