Brahmi Gritham Kräuter-Ghee

Brahmi Gritham, 150g

CHF 9.90

Food supplement with Brahmi

Made from natural cultivation. Brahmi Gritham is a traditional Ayurvedic preparation that is enriched with a special herbal substance. As so-called Medhya-Rasayana, Brahmi Gritham reduces Vata and Kapha without increasing Pitta. It is popular with working people, schoolchildren and students in stressful learning and examination situations as well as older people.


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Brahmi Gritham Kräuter-Ghee

Brahmi Gritham, 150g

CHF 9.90

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A well-known Ayurvedic brain tonic that was prepared according to Ayurvedic texts.

It improves memory performance such as memory and concentration. Brahmi Gritham uses Ayurvedic ghee with various herbs according to the list of ingredients.

Result: The human brain can learn better and retain all information. According to Ayurvedic medicine, it helps to think clearly and also supports speech and voice functions.

Brahmi is a satvic herb and is known as the herb of grace. His name is said to be a reference to the Lord Brahma. The name Brahmi suggests that the herb has the power or Shakti of Brahma.

The Brahmi herb was used as early as the 6th century AD. Today the herb can even be found in Switzerland.

The active components of Brahmi are steroidal saponins, of which bacoside is the exact component that has been linked to reducing Alzheimer's-related plaques.

Bacosides are also found to improve communication between neurons. This helps improve memory and brain function. They are fat-soluble, which is probably the reason that in Ayurveda Brahmi is combined with ghee.  

It is rich in antioxidants and is used in traditional medicine to reduce the damage and oxidative stress on the brain, and to protect it.

Research on rats has proven that Brahmi stimulates the nervous system and is an adaptogen and anti-stress herb. In the study, it improved reaction time and increased protein synthesis and activity in the brain. This improves long-term memory.

Brahmi balances all 3 doshas. It also has the ability to reduce the vata. When used in excess, it can elevate the Vata Dosha.

As a memory tonic, Brahmi increases majja dhatu, which is the bone marrow and nerve tissue.

It is used in Ayurveda to open and clear the mind, increase attention, alertness, focus and concentration. The effect occurs within an hour.

Brahmi increases alertness during the day and at the same time improves the quality of night sleep. It is a neuroprotective agent and improves the transmission of nerve impulses and strengthens immunity by regulating stress hormones and lowering cortisol levels.


Anwendung gemäss Ayurveda Therapeut.

Brahmi Gritham nutritional value per 100gr:

Energy: 896 Kcal / 3684 Kj

Fat: 99.5gr of which saturated fatty acids: 62.7gr

of which sugar: <0.2gr

Protein: <0.6gr

Salt: <0.2gr


Pure butter fat *, umbilical herb * (Brahmi, Bacopa monnieri) extract 2%

* from controlled natural cultivation