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Organic fenugreek seeds ground, 50g

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Almost considered a miracle weapon in Ayurvedic cuisine. Intense bitter note, fine, nutty aroma and thereby loses the bitterness. Good for the skin, the cardiovascular system and regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Promotes iron absorption and appetite. Finds its home mainly in curry mixes and the French Vadouvan. In Europe we often find fenugreek in cheese.

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Product description

The taste of the dried fenugreek plant (Methika), has a pungent and bitter taste. The intense aroma of fenugreek seeds stimulates the appetite and strengthens your Agni.

The Ayurveda teaching says: Bitter like fenugreek basically has an appetite-stimulating, draining, anti-inflammatory and blood-cleansing effect. The bitter substances can kill worms in the digestive organs, excrete toxins and compensate for Kapha and Pitta disorders.

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Fenugreek seeds ground from natural cultivation. (Organic)