Bockshornkleesamen ganz 100g: Appetitlosigkeit, Blutreinigend, Diabetes, Haarpflege, Hautkrankheit, Impotenz, Kapha reduzierend, Leber, Pitta reduzierend, Potenzmittel, Vata ausgleichend - Ay
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Fenugreek seeds whole 100g

CHF 6.70
Fenugreek for tasty dishes. Helps with loss of appetite, hair loss, sweating, diabetes, cholesterol, liver problems and skin diseases.
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Bockshornkleesamen ganz 100g: Appetitlosigkeit, Blutreinigend, Diabetes, Haarpflege, Hautkrankheit, Impotenz, Kapha reduzierend, Leber, Pitta reduzierend, Potenzmittel, Vata ausgleichend - Ay

Fenugreek seeds whole 100g

CHF 6.70

The taste of the dried fenugreek plant (methika) has a pungent and bitter taste. Due to the intense aroma, fenugreek seeds are appetizing and strengthen your Agni.

 Fenugreek seeds are grown in South America, China, Greece, North Africa and India, for example. It has been known as a medicinal plant among indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Above all, its healing effect on the skin and its blood-cleansing effects make it a very popular natural medicine among connoisseurs.

Ayurveda teachings say: Bitter like fenugreek has an appetite-stimulating, draining, anti-inflammatory and blood-purifying effect. The bitter substances can kill worms in the digestive organs, excrete toxins and compensate for disturbances in the Kapha and Pitta.

Fenugreek for hair loss

In many cases, hair loss is a hormonal disorder. A change in metabolism that can occur as a result of age-related fats or as a side effect of medication. Fenugreek has established itself as a means of slowing down the onset of hair loss or even bringing it to a standstill. In addition to the disinfecting effect, the cause is the essential oils and the large variety of vitamins and trace elements, which ensure that the scalp receives urgently needed nutrients in a targeted manner.

Fenugreek ingredients

Iron, calcium, magnesium, proteins, B vitamins, vitamins A, C and D.

Fenugreek for more appetite

As mentioned, it has a strong appetite stimulating effect. This makes it a real bright spot, especially for under-nourished patients: cancer patients, HIV patients or anorexic people can use fenugreek to stimulate their desire to eat again.

Fenugreek as a sexual enhancer

It has been scientifically proven that fenugreek is suitable as a natural sexual enhancer. It is considered a general hormone-promoting and regulating agent, as it interferes with the metabolism of the human body. This has such a positive effect on testosterone levels. So just leave out the expensive Viagra or generic products. By the way, fenugreek is also effective for women. Both sexes benefit from it - without any side effects!

Fenugreek improves your blood count

A lot is already done to support the liver and kidneys by taking fenugreek. Fenugreek also improves your blood count. Above all, the high iron content ensures that the quality of the blood steadily improves. But you shouldn't experience miracles right after a week. Slowly but surely, however, it leads to an improvement in your blood count. Give your body time!

Fenugreek for more beautiful skin

The skin, as the largest organ, is very sensitive to changes in metabolism. What starts out as acne can in fact be indicative of a significant hormonal imbalance. Fenugreek also helps here thanks to its vitamins and trace elements and regulates the complexion of your skin. It supports your self-healing powers and self-cleaning powers. It will not only successfully defend itself against acne and blackheads, but also psoriasis, neurodermatitis and other annoying skin diseases can be treated with fenugreek. A fenugreek compress can also help with gout, eczema, ulcers and skin problems.
If necessary
Fenugreek leaves from natural cultivation.
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