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Organic fenugreek seeds whole 100g

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Fenugreek for tasty dishes. Helps with loss of appetite, hair loss, sweating, diabetes, cholesterol, liver problems and skin diseases.

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Product description

The taste of the dried fenugreek plant (Methika), has a pungent and bitter taste. The intense aroma of fenugreek seeds stimulates the appetite and strengthens your Agni.

The Ayurveda teaching says: Bitter like fenugreek basically has an appetite-stimulating, draining, anti-inflammatory and blood-cleansing effect. The bitter substances can kill worms in the digestive organs, excrete toxins and compensate for Kapha and Pitta disorders.

Fenugreek ingredients

Iron, calcium, magnesium, proteins, B vitamins, vitamins A, C and D

Fenugreek for more appetite

As mentioned, it has a strong appetite-stimulating effect. This makes it a real ray of hope, especially for malnourished patients: Cancer patients, HIV patients or anorexics can use fenugreek to stimulate their desire to eat again.


If necessary


Fenugreek leaves from natural cultivation.