Bala Churna Organic 100g

CHF 14.50

Bala Churna has a reducing effect on Vata and Pitta. For boiling or taking with warm water up to 3 grams per day.

Indian Ayurveda experts swear by Ghrita Rasayana. A Rasayana from Ayurvedic Ghee, Ashwagandha root and Bala Churna and some other herbs, such as Gokshura and Guduchi. However, bala and ashwagandha are the main ingredients. Athletes like to take this Rasayana to support their training. Especially for strength athletes.

Ayurvedic properties

Dosha: Vata and Pitta reducing
Rasa: Sweet
Guna: oily
Vipaka: Sweet
Virya: cooling

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Bala Churna Organic 100g

Bala Churna Organic 100g

CHF 14.50

Bala Churna from natural cultivation like all products in Ayurveda Paradise and has a Vata and Pitta reducing effect. It can be used for boiling or taking with water. Bala is a Sanskrit word and means strong, strong. Also called Vatyalika Churnam or Kharayashtika Choornam in India. Highly pure, laboratory-tested quality!

Up to 3 grams per day.

Bala * (lat. Sida cordifolia) * from controlled natural cultivation Nimi Bio-Churnas consist of the plant parts specified in the Ayurvedic texts and are processed and produced in accordance with Ayurvedic guidelines.