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Ayurveda crystal salt finely ground 1kg

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This comes from the Punjab region of the Himalaya Ayurvedic crystal salt ground. A vegan rock salt ideal for preparing brine and for seasoning dishes.
  • From the Punjab region in India
  • over 250 million years old!
  • Ideal for preparing brine
  • Vegan
  • For seasoning and as a drinking brine

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Product Type: Ayurveda Salz

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Product description

Ayurvedic crystal salt finely ground from Pakistan

This Ayurvedic crystal salt, which has been finely ground, comes from the Punjab region (Pakistan). A rock salt over 250 million years old and only washed with spring water and sun-dried delicacy rock salt of the first class.

Taste: Salty Usage Suggestions: For seasoning and as a drinking brine

Psychological symbolic language C. Beerlandt

Whom it after Salt demands, he points out to himself that he would do well to get more involved in life, that he should get more involved in life, that he certainly doesn't have to stay in the background.

This person has a need for rest and isolation, for seclusion... but he must not withdraw too much from life. Maybe he's standing there too cold, too stiff, at a certain distance from life, from his warm body. Life calls for an 'approach'.

Anyone who makes food very salty actually wants to get in touch with their deeper life forces; he needs to perceive its warm content, to feel it in the 'matter' of his body. He would do well to get in touch with the deeper layers of himself, with the primal forces in his stomach. Possibly he looked down on the matter too much in a contemptuous way or from above; he will identify himself now in a loving way or with the crimson forces in his being.


n / A.


100% Himalayan rock salt ground.



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