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Acerola Powder Vitamin C Fruit Powder Extract Organic 100-500g

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The original!
Acerola Powder Organic. Natural vitamin C (no ascorbic acid!). Is very well absorbed by the body in terms of metabolism.

There is an acerola powder balanced interplay of different plant substances, the basic plant substance as well as secondary plant substances. This is what makes the difference between industrial vitamin C and natural vitamin C.

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100 gram can
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Natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry

The acerola cherry, lat. Malpighia glabra, also known as the "cherry of the Antilles", comes from Central America and is now mainly grown in Brazil. The 2 to 3 meter high shrub, which requires an average annual temperature of at least 26 ° C to thrive optimally, can produce up to 30 kg of fruit per year. The taste of the orange-yellow to dark red, cherry-sized fruits is slightly sour and reminiscent of lemon.

Industrial vitamin C and natural vitamin C.

Due to the greatly increased need for vitamin C since the corona outbreak, there has been a real boom with vitamin products. It can be observed that more and more suppliers offer acerola or camu-camu fruit powder as purely natural, although these are fortified with synthetic vitamin C.

Often it is ignorance or concealment, which is difficult for the consumer to see.

Our ORGANIC acerola and organic camu-camu products only contain natural vitamins from their own fruit, i.e. no added synthetic vitamin C.

Harvest and manufacture

Our acerola producer is a little innovative Organic certified family businesswho moved away from Sao Paolo out of love for nature to take care of the cultivation and processing of the fruits in the immediate vicinity of small acerola and acai plantations. The freshly harvested fruits can be transported to the production site on short journeys and processed as quickly as possible in order to meet the highest quality standards.

Quality features

Due to the 15 years of experience In the development of an acerola powder with consistently high quality and in-depth knowledge, our supplier processes ripe and unripe fruit in a specially developed process in a balanced ratio in order to optimally use the specific characteristics of the respective ripeness.

Consumption recommendation: Depending on your needs, stir 1 g of powder (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) into any drink, muesli, yoghurt or desserts every day.
ingredients: Organic acerola fruit powder extract with 17% natural vitamin C. origin: Brazil
Nutritional values: Calorific value: Fat: hereof: saturated fatty acids: Carbohydrates: of which sugars: Protein: Salt: Vitamin C: per 100 g 1,090 kJ / 257 kcal 0.5 g <0.2 g 60 g 11.5 g 3 g <0.16 g 17,000 mg per 1 g 10.9 kJ / 2.6 kcal <0.1 g <0.1 g <1 g 0.1 g <1 g <0.1 g 170 mg (212.5% NRV)
Bread units in the daily recommendation (1 g): <0.062 BEPacking size: 100 g
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