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Kairali Ayurveda products

The Kairali Ayurveda Group has been taking a holistic approach to medicine for over 100 years Production of Ayurvedic products and manufactures Ayurvedic premium products according to Original recipes from the old Ayurveda scriptures 'Sanskrit'. The company also runs an Ayurveda health center in Palakkad and a training facility. Kairali has received multiple awards and certifications.

The WHO World Health Organization has recognized Ayurveda medicine as a science!

Own organic farm and herb garden
Kairali maintains its own large herb garden and an organic farm in which all organic products are cultivated and grown that provide the necessary natural nutrients from fruits, trees, vegetables and herbs that are organically grown and cared for.

The Ayurveda Paradise offers a wide range of its own Ayurveda products in cooperation with Kairali such as Ayurvedic massage oils, herbal powders Churnas and Choornams, Ayurvedic medicine, Asavam and Arishtam products, Gritham, Gulikas, Kashayam, Leham, Kera Thailams, Kuzhampu as well as Ayurvedic products for physical purification and detoxification.

Traditional Ayurveda products that protect our health from within

The ancient healing knowledge of Ayurveda is more relevant than ever.

Patented Ayurvedic remedies. Faithful to the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures combined with modern requirements. Click PLAY in the video below.

Kairali Group company

The Directors of the Kairali Ayurvedic Group represent the third and fourth generations of a successful line of authentic Ayurvedic products.

A family with individual business styles and talents, together they form an award-winning team.

The popularity of alternative health and wellness products is increasing. The daily stress of this fast-paced world and the growing lack of confidence in allopathic medicines is forcing people to look elsewhere and explore other, more natural forms of treatment for health and rejuvenation.

With this vision, the Ramesh couple decided to show the world that Ayurvedic products and their treatments are the proven way to achieve natural and sustainable recovery in harmony with body, soul and spirit.

The goal was to penetrate all economic classes, rather than just focusing on the premium segment, so that the general awareness of this great form of medicine reached the masses of the population.

Properly applied, Ayurveda is a fantastic and proven way to treat one's body and mind for recovery, healing and preventative health.

Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village is declared the winner of Best Luxury Ayurveda Spa for 2020.

Kairali is ISO certified and holds various certifications such as 'Toxic-Free', 'Vegan-friendly', Cruelty-Free', 'Made-Safe', 'Allergy-Certified' or 'GMP Certified'.


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