Ayurveda shop

«Ayur» means life and «Veda» means science

Your Ayurveda shop in Switzerland. Ayurveda is the knowledge for a long, happy and healthy life. Ayurveda is holistic, timeless and modern. People who live according to Ayurveda are happy and healthy and hardly need any medical support.

In the Ayurveda Shop you will find exclusively natural and certified products which, depending on the product, are based on recipes from the old Ayurveda writings 'Sanskrit ' were produced.

Ayurveda  protects your health from within

The ancient healing knowledge of Ayurveda is more relevant than ever. Patented and laboratory tested Ayurvedic remedies 100% natural. Faithful to the ancient Ayurvedic writings, combined with modern requirements.

Ayurveda massage oils
In our wide range of Ayurveda products in the Ayurveda Shop you will find Ayurveda massage oils for daily use. Ayurveda therapists can also find Ayurveda massage oils in large packs from 5 liters. As a general importer, we carry the "Kairali" brand with high-quality, manually produced Ayurvedic oils which, depending on their effectiveness, contain herbs and a base oil such as sesame oil or coconut oil and were manufactured according to the ancient 'Sanskrit' scriptures. All oils are tested in the laboratory and have multiple certifications.
Ayurveda Churna herbal powder
If you are involved with Ayurveda, you will not be able to avoid buying a churna to use daily or as needed. You can find the Ayurveda Churnas in the Ayurveda Shop.
Churna means fine-grained, fine dust - a herbal powder that is fragrant or is offered as a medicinal powder. Churnas are various herbs and spices in powder form selected according to "Sanskrit". In Ayurveda, different herbal powders are used and mixed and the recipe depends on the requirements. There are different recipes and churnas for the different energy types Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A very well known churna is Ashvagandha or Triphala.
A Gritham (Gritha) is a traditional Ayurvedic ghee (butter fat, without animal protein) with a herbal substance tailored to the clinical picture. The use of Gritham has a long tradition in Ayurvedic medicine.
The possibilities for using Ayurveda Gritham are diverse and are used internally and externally in Ayurvedic treatments. However, we always recommend visiting an Ayurveda doctor.
Gritham appeases Pitta and Vata without increasing Kapha. The herbal fat promotes the nutrient juice from which all body tissues are nourished, increases the quality and quantity of reproductive tissue and strengthens Ojas - the vital food of our body.
Gritham herbal ghee has a strong effect on the nervous system, creates softness in the body, promotes the voice and improves skin color and skin shine. Each ghee strengthens digestion and metabolism, gives physical strength and rebuilds deficient body tissue.