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Mumijo - Shilajit capsules 60 capsules

Das schwarze Gold aus dem Himalaya Gebirge

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Original Ayurveda Mumijo Shilajitnatural Dietary supplement from the caves of the Himalayas (Mumijo - the black gold).
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More than 85 minerals and trace elements in ionic and organic form such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron as well as numerous vitamins such as A, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C etc.Highly pure, laboratory-tested quality Heavy metal testing controlled with the BDIH quality seal.
Best quality from Mumijo - Shilajit in the Ayurvedic paradise of Switzerland.

When it comes to holistic health and spiritual well-being, Shilajit is considered a timeless testament to the power of nature. This extraordinary substance from the Himalayas is a profound elixir that has the potential to change your life and enable a journey to spiritual growth, in addition to its many positive properties and extensive effects on the body. For legal reasons we are not allowed to go into this in detail.

Also note theProduct information from Mumijo Shilajit with recommended consumption, origin and background information.

Vorsichtig beim Kauf von Mumijo Shilajit: Untersuchungen zeigen, dass Mumijo Mykotoxine, Schwermetallionen und Oxidationsmittel enthalten können. Das hier angebotene Mumijo Shilajit wird gereinigt und streng kontrolliert (BDIH Labortest). So finden sie eine reines und sicheres Mumijo Shilajit im Ayurveda Paradies.

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Product description

Mumijo is often referred to as Shilajit referred to, hence the two names. Other names are Kao-tun, Brogschaun or Arakul dshibal. All of these names indicate the origin of the Mumijos and can be translated as 'exudation of the mountains' or 'blood of the mountains' or 'oil of the mountains'. Mumijo is particularly found in caves and crevices in the Himalayan Mountains. 

Let yourself be enchanted by Mumijo - Shilajit capsules

Get the unique variety of minerals as well as humic acid and fulvic acid from the Himalaya mountains. Fulvic acid and humic acid are two of the three components of humus and are formed when plants are digested by microorganisms.

Naturally Heavy metal tested by BDIH and without any additives. Only available here in the Ayurveda paradise in Switzerland!

Mumijo Shilajit According to Ayurvedic teachings, it is rich in humic acid, vulvic acid and many minerals. The precious Mumijo (Shilajit) is a liquid rock secretion of black-brown color that is found in mountainous areas such as the Himalayan range of 1000-5000 meters altitude. It is collected to increase fertility, improve performance, or protect the heart and other symptoms.

Original Ayurveda Mumijo Shilajit

Harvested from the Himalaya Mountains

The Discovery of Mumijo - The Legend of the Wounded Gazelle

According to an old tradition from Kyrgyzstan, Mumijo is said to have been discovered as follows:

A wealthy khan and his followers were hunting for game. They injured a gazelle, but it escaped. They searched for the animal for days and finally found it in a very large and deep cave. Despite the wounds, it already seemed to be on the mend. They saw it licking a black-brown stone and rubbing its wounds on it. The Khan had some of the stone taken away and handed it over to his doctors.

Buying tip: When buying, please make sure that the powder is pure and pure laboratory tested is. Like these capsules, it should come from the Himalayan region and be free of metals and impurities tested have been, as we can offer you here with the seal 'MADE SAFE'.

Original Ayurveda Buy Mumijo Shilajit capsules delivered from Switzerland.


It is recommended to take 2-3 capsules per day about 30 minutes before meals. After about 20-30 days you take a 10-day break and then take Mumijo for another 20-30 days. Recommendation: Visit an Ayurveda doctor or therapist.


Mumijo (Shilajit) 46 %

Kapselmaterial: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose
Füllstoff: Stärke (glutenfreie Kartoffelstärke)
Trennmittel: Talkum

500 mg Mumijo pro 2 Kapseln und 22 mg Fulvinsäure pro 2 Kapseln


Harmonizes all three doshas.


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