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Shakti Mat - a guide to relaxation and health

Shakti Mat - a guide to relaxation and health

are you alright Really good? You came into the world as a healthy person. But that doesn't make life easy for you. Stress and tension (including burnout) are more present today than ever. But you have the right to health and balance. You have the right to be a cheerful, happy and relaxed person. If you are now wondering what all this has to do with the Shakti Mat, read on with interest.

Shakti Mat - where it all began

The Shakti mat is "in", no question about it. Used regularly and correctly, it can work wonders. It is commercially available both as an acupressure mat and as an acupuncture mat. For the sake of simplicity, the term “acupressure mat” is used in this article.

We all know today that conventional medicine is not the last word. The suppression of symptoms does not change the cause of the disease - regardless of whether the disorder is of a physical or mental nature. More and more we are reflecting on traditional procedures that have been around for a long time.

The acupressure technique, which has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), causes blocked energy (Qi; also Chi) to be released and activated throughout the body. Quickly noticeable results: pain relief and relaxation.

For centuries, acupuncture/acupressure, especially in Asia, have been helping people to relax and get going. Here, people knew early on about the great importance of inner balance and improving or maintaining health.

Luckily, people here in Germany are increasingly turning to the old knowledge of acupressure and are achieving amazing results with it.

What does a Shakti mat do?

The Shakti mat is a kind of nail mat with pointed hard plastic nubs. When you lie on it, the pressure is distributed over these many small spikes, which in turn stimulate the skin and underlying tissue. This stimulation also reaches the organ and nervous system along the meridians.

With regular use, the mat has a whole range of advantages in the end result. It helps improve energy, reduce pain, and promote relaxation and the all-important healthy sleep.

The acupressure mat is promising if it is not exclusively responsible for relaxation, especially with the following disorders and diseases:

  • Headache migraine
  • neck/back pain
  • Sciatica pain in leg/back
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • stress-related disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • general tension

Endorphins (happy hormones) are also increasingly released. spread their beneficial effects like the body's own painkillers - without any artificial chemicals. As a result, your energy levels can also improve and the body begins to heal. And: If you are relaxed, you live more consciously and are less susceptible to illnesses of any kind.

Acupressure at home - daily if you wish!

Shakti Mat - your application possibilities

Depending on the desired effect, you can use the Shakti mat in a wide variety of ways. The classic: lay your back on the acupressure mat for 20 - 30 minutes and relax. You can either enjoy the silence or listen to wonderful music or a podcast.

The feet and the associated nerve tracts also benefit by standing on the mat (approx. 5 minutes) or walking over it (keyword: foot reflex zone massage). The latter, however, needs to be practiced carefully, otherwise it can become a bit painful.

To treat cellulite ("orange peel"), simply use the Shakti mat as a seat on the chair.

Some mats are equipped with an additional neck support, which additionally stimulates the neck and the back of the head when lying down.

If you work a lot on the computer, your hands and arms are under a lot of strain. Simply lie face down in front of the Shakti mat and support your forearms and hands on the Shakti mat (approx. 15 minutes). This prevents u. numbness and provides lightness in the forearms and hands.

The acupressure mat also helps with feelings of anxiety and digestive problems. To do this, lie down with your stomach and/or chest on the prickly surface (approx. 10 minutes). Relaxation soon spreads in the chest area or the necessary relief plus a pleasant feeling of warmth in the case of digestive problems.

There are many possible uses.

Important: Pregnant women should avoid using it as certain acupressure points can induce premature labor. During and after birth, on the other hand, there is nothing to be said against it.

Shakti Mat - in the end you can no longer do without it

Anyone who has felt the numerous positive effects of the Shakti mat will soon no longer want to be without it. Especially in today's world, which is characterized by hectic rush and stress, health and relaxation are necessary - more than ever. A simple training device such as the ingenious invention of the acupressure mat provides a quick and uncomplicated remedy. However, you should ensure that you use it regularly.

We at the Ayurveda paradise have recognized the great value for the health of our customers and have included the Shakti mat in our program. We do this with the greatest conviction and eagerly await your feedback.

The Shakti mat is usually available with 4,000, 6,000 or 8,000 tips. The more tips, the more the pressure is distributed. Fewer tips are better suited for the more experienced as their body is attuned to self-acupressure. The golden mean is suitable for everyone, which is why you can currently find mats in various lengths and colors, each with 6,000 tips, in our shop. We don't want to hide from you that our Shakit mats are made by hand from organic cotton in a charity workshop in Varanasy/India. The tips are made of durable and recyclable ABS plastic. Here you have a lot of fun at work.

A purchase and many therapy hours on your own initiative, without making an appointment and at any time - the Shakti mat makes this possible. A purchase is worthwhile - for the sake of your health. Have a look at our online shop. Here it goes Shakti Matte.

We are looking forward to your visit. Have a relaxing day!

Author: Christel Scherzer
Datum: 4.3.2022


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