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Ayurveda morning routine

Ayurveda morning routine

To avert radical changes in body, mind and consciousness is one daily morning routine healthy and helpful according to Ayurvedic teachings. Especially from the 4th decade of life, the daily helps Morgenroutine to balance the constitution.

So The morning routine also regulates a person's biological clock, aids in digestion, absorption and assimilation and induces self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness and not to be scoffed at longevity.

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Most of us fear life as much as we fear death. Longevity does not mean that man does not have to die. But that the body and mind through the regular application of the Ayurvedic morning routine and the use of ayurvedic productsthat are free of chemical additives, preservatives or dyes can live longer. The human body is cleaned and cared for every day and kept free of toxins and pollutants.

Die Ayurveda Morgenroutine
in 9 easy steps

1 - Getting up early

The time before sunrise is full of harmony and energy, so Ayurveda recommends getting up early in the morning before sunrise. If the situation permits, stroll barefoot like a stork through the fresh grass for a few minutes. Look up at the sky and thank you for your life on this glorious earth in the posture of prayer. Do this 2-3 times a day if you like. 

2 - Pray before getting out of bed

Every prayer is answered! Everyone can pray!
"Dear God you are in me, in my breath, in every bird and in every mighty mountain. Your sweet touch reaches everything and I am well protected. Thank you dear God for this wonderful and unique day that lies ahead. May joy, love , peace and compassion to be a part of my life and all those around me that day. I heal and I am healed."
This prayer is just an example. You are also welcome to say your own prayer.

3 - Drinking 1-2 cups of hot water

Hot water immediately after getting up activates and cleanses the body channels, the so-called srotas, which have become sluggish from the night's sleep.
Then take a teaspoon Chyavanaprasam Gold with honey instead of sugar. Original recipe of the classic Ayurveda texts. Over 30 high-quality, natural herbs to strengthen the body and mind.

4 - General cleaning measures

Cleaning the mouth and teeth after passing stool and urine. Take one Ayurvedic toothpaste without fluoride and get one Ayurveda tongue scraper like in Ayurveda paradise than therapeutic copper tongue scraper is available. The tongue scraper is also available in stainless steel or silver-plated.

5 - Abhyanga. The full body oil massage

A morning full body oil massage is an important part of your daily routine. Ayurveda recommends the massage every day as it has a rejuvenating effect and drives away tiredness.
If you ever get tired of using the oil massage, use one alternately natural Ayurvedic body lotion.

Our Ayurvedic herbal oils are certified, valuable and traditionally prepared. The Ayurveda oils are stirred by hand for 2-3 days to support the natural skin. In combination with the oil, the plant substances can penetrate into the deep layers of the skin (cell membrane) and unfold their effect there, which a body lotion cannot offer.

6 - Nasya oder Jala-Neti Nasenpflege

The nasal application of sesame oil or warm water is helpful in preventing and treating nasal cavity and sinus problems. We carry different nose oils in the Ayurveda paradise.

7-Gandhusha Mouth care

Retaining sesame oil or ghee in the mouth strengthens the jaw and voice, nourishes the cheeks, improves taste perception and appetite, avoids dry mouth, chapped lips, tooth decay, toothache, sensitive teeth and strengthens teeth in general. We also introduce oral care oil for Gandhusa.

8 - Courtyard Dry Massage

If you wish, you can also use a dry massage with various plant powders or chickpea flour to remove excess oil from the body surface. It also improves blood circulation in the skin, promotes shine and color of the skin.

9 - Snana - A bath or shower

The final bath or warm shower is performed last to cleanse the body. After the previous procedures, the use of soap is no longer necessary. However, if deemed necessary, a mild soap may be used. We carry some Ayurvedic soaps and Ayurveda Duschgel Releases.

Finally, treat yourself to a healthy breakfast. Eat consciously, spoon by spoon, and focus exclusively on your breakfast. No mobile phone, no TV, no usual discussions and no newspaper - only your breakfast and you are important!

Author: Christel Scherzer
Datum: 12.7.2021

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