Wo finde ich sichere Ayurveda Produkte?
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Where can I find safe Ayurveda products?

Mar 20, 2021

When buying, “the main thing is cheap” usually turns out to be a dangerous fallacy. Especially when it comes to personal care products, foods and supplements. The motto of many companies is like a mantra that they keep repeating: "Profit justifies the means, profit justifies the means ...!"

 If you want, you can justify everything logically and conclusively, right? Also, why cheap chemicals and additives or natural substitutes (with complicated names) "have to" be added to some products. On the other hand, one product can be sold much cheaper than the other product. I cannot see why I should buy the more expensive product when the other product costs less and is obviously just as effective from the description.

This is possibly what some unenlightened consumer thinks and is doing the most harm to himself. Cosmetics and food supplements are particularly affected. Inventing sensational and funny advertising slogans has a huge lobby. The customer is confused; may be guided by false promises and treads into it to your own disadvantage Cheap price trap. The suggested expected effect remains partially / completely absent or additives / toxins are harmful to health.

If Ayurvedic products are sold at the lowest prices, it is certainly tempting. Cheap or expensive - both are listed under the same name (in this article, “Ashwagandha” is used for all examples). If there is no effect, many see confirmation that the natural remedy remains ineffective or that Ayurveda is only after quick money. A tragic mistake - not only with regard to the strong health-promoting, healing properties of Ayurvedic products. Nature has always had a solution for everythingwhich has not changed until today.

Nature and thus the universe are never wrong!

It just depends on what real (and not self-proclaimed) experts make of it and how they convey it.

Additives and toxins have no place in safe Ayurveda products

Thousands of years ago, natural ingredients were used to improve and heal health disorders. The Ayurveda with its healing knowledge that is more than 5,000 years old knows no useless substances (in nature everything has a meaning). In addition, we know (even every child knows that) that toxins are harmful to health. Additives were and are of course not intended for us. Therefore additives are completely unnecessary even in industrial production. They are added to many products in order to achieve the packaging quantity more quickly and thus to save more expensive components. For the consumer, one has very conclusive explanations for this, which, however, rarely stand up to critical examination.

Clever healers like Hildegard von Bingen, knew which natural remedies were needed to help people. Sometimes several were administered with a synergetic effect, i.e. they strengthened and supported each other in their effect (entourage effect). However, such an approach was based on real expert knowledge.

The addition of the cheapest substitutes / additives is a no-go and has no place in highly effective natural remedies or food. Some fillers can even have an allergenic effect and we all know that the number of allergies has increased massively in recent years. Nature does not need any human tutoring, because it can do it much better from the start! We humans need nature, but nature doesn't need us! The following example of "Ashwagandha" makes it clear why "more expensive" is not necessarily "more expensive" and why cheap can be quite expensive:

Example Ashwagandha

Using the example of Ashwagandha, which we from Ayurveda Paradise under the name "Ashwagandha KSM-66“Proud as the world's best Ashwagandha and all-rounder, we would like to make it clear to you why “cheap” has nothing to do with “good and effective”.

The effect of Ashwagandha in Ayurveda

  • Strengthening the physical resistance against diseases
  • Revitalization of the weakened organism
  • Protection against premature aging and increased longevity

In order to Ashwagandha attains the status of "Rasayana" or "Adaptogen". Loosely translated, Ashwagandha has superpowers, which also have to counteract asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, stress, sleep disorders, nervous exhaustion and skin diseases. Naturopaths recommend it as a means of "that every person should supplement throughout their life". Many have followed this advice so far. In this way, however, only the 100% natural extract from the root, which can spread in ecologically sound soil, works.

Vitamins and other additives dilute the potentially powerful effects of ashwagandha - also known as the "sleeping berry". Some manufacturers are only too happy to add cheap vitamins and fillersto increase the amount and thus the flow of money. The starting product is "stretched". The customer only reads “500 mg” and saves himself from having to thoroughly explore the real composition. In doing so, he may miss the fact that the cheap product only contains 200 mg of real extract and 300 mg of vitamins and other additives that actually have no place there. The main thing is cheap, isn't it?

Ashwagandha extract - not a root extract! - is at least included. Due to the low content of real extract, the effect is delayed or completely absent. In doing so, the supposed saver misses the fact that the effect is delayed and he needs all the more of the cheap alternative. Ultimately, for this very reason, he spends more money than he thinks. Real savings can only be made in this way on health. Because: What is less effective takes longer and larger quantities to have a positive effect. Ultimately, it is precisely this more than clever approach that flushes more money into the tills of the manufacturer / seller and the consumer suffers further or even more.

in the Ayurveda online shop of our Ayurveda paradise, we offer the natural ashwagandha root extract with 500 mg of extract in each capsule - without additives. You can read how effective it really is in the product description. Hence our advice: Do not save at the wrong end - for the sake of your health and your budget! Ultimately, this approach is the cheaper option, both in terms of your budget and your health.

The nature hype - I want to be there too!

To be clear: Industrially manufactured products "enriched" with the cheapest chemicals and additives, fail in the vast majority of cases to have a strong effect - in the field of food as well as food supplements and natural cosmetics (Natural cosmetics). This approach is solely for the purpose of increasing money and is completely unnecessary.

Most companies that sell cheap to cheap food supplements or other products recognize the potential of the current natural hype that people in need are willing to spend a lot of money to advance and maintain themselves and their health. Their disappointment is huge when they notice that the means advertised with great tam-tam remain ineffective / ineffective. Indignantly, they turn away and turn back to the chemical products of conventional medicine - possibly without a chance of ever being able to face their lives in a really healthy and energetic way again.

All of this is thanks to the industry's so-called “black sheep” (unfortunately there are still too many) who deceive and disappoint consumers with their low-priced products. They have little to no interest in Raising, harvesting and quality of the plants or for the Framework conditions for employees. Only the plus of the annual growth rate and the account balance are of importance to them.

Many companies only deal with considerate manufacturing processes, the effect of unnecessary fillers (toxins, additives) and the associated compatibility, if there is a need for action due to many consumer complaints. Most of them just barely meet the legal requirements, but nothing more.

Dear reader, that cannot be your will

Consumers are repeatedly deceived. The advertising promises the unbelievable and one could think that only healthy and happy people will exist if they choose product xy. Don't be dazzled. Our request (for the sake of your health and nature): Refrain from cheap products that ultimately cost you your health and more money than you actually wanted to spend on them!

Nature doesn't need any additives and yet has the right solution for everyone!

This prerequisite should help to visualize the priorities. Let us remind you of our example: While you only need 2 capsules per day from a high-quality Ashwagandha product such as our excellent KSM-66 (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening) and thus ingest 500 mg of highly potent active ingredient each, a stretched product may deliver only 200 mg of pure root extract. Here your daily dose increases from 1,000 mg of ashwagandha root extract to at least 5 capsules (instead of 2 for the quality product). Calculate for yourself how much Swiss francs you would ultimately have to shell out in order to achieve a comparable effect with our product (free of additives).

Health problems homemade

We at Ayurveda Paradise would like to show you the reasons for the industry a little more clearly. For this reason, this article does not only talk about dietary supplements. Poisoning also takes place through the skin. Not all manufacturers are so “humane” and only add vitamins or minerals to their products in order to stretch them or make them easier to sell. When it comes to cosmetics, we've all heard that many of them - especially skin creams - contain mineral oil. The reason: That makes them inexpensive and ensures a long shelf life.

Mineral oils - obtained from petroleum - sometimes contain MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatikc Hydrocarbon = aromatic hydrocarbons from mineral oils) and MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons = saturated hydrocarbons from mineral oils). According to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), these two groups of chemical compounds are suspected of causing cancer and damaging the genetic make-up (detailed reports on this can be found on the Internet). However, mineral oils are not prohibited in cosmetics production. This, too, is just one example out of countless examples.

Additives - What additives / toxins cause in the body is easy to understand if we take nature as the basis. She doesn't know of any factories that manufacture artificial things - such as sweeteners - or harden fats. Our organisms cannot utilize such components and store them in the body as ama (waste product, slag). Depending on the Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), health disorders such as dizziness, difficulty concentrating, over-acidity, digestive problems, fungi, parasites and worse occur over time. If countermeasures are taken in good time with Ayurvedic measures and a healthy, nature-based lifestyle, these disorders will soon be history. Orthodox medicine is unfortunately all too often the wrong person to contact because it mainly reacts to symptoms (ointment against fungus, base powder against acidity, etc.). The causes are seldom recognized and therefore not eliminated.

Good advice is not expensive at all!

We at Ayurveda Paradise are on a mission: We only develop and sell high quality productswhose clear and transparent supply chain is understandable for everyone. This also includes a fair income for everyone involved - from the farmer / manufacturer to the retailer. As a result of this principle, we calculate tightly but fairly.

We grant neither discounts nor rebates, because the financial leeway is very tight for the reasons mentioned. Possible discounts are only provided for sales.

We offer you natural and high quality Ayurvedic products at fair prices.

All of our products do not contain any additives. We are of the opinion that what nature allows us to benefit from is sufficient and does not have to be enriched by human hands. It is clear to us that this creates a win-win situation for both parties, from which everyone benefits.

Stay / get healthy! That alone drives us. With all means that nature has to offer, we try to contribute to the preservation and protection of your health and thus to the well-being of all of us. Ultimately, this is also the best protection for Mother Nature.

Free, good advice on safe Ayurveda products

  • Be a demanding and critical customerthat cannot be satisfied so quickly!
  • Always do without artificial things! Our body cannot handle it!
  • Put on that Force of nature
  • Always read the information on the packaging in detail List of ingredients.
  • Don't be put off by terms you don't understand!
  • Do your research and compare!
  • Buy it ideally only ecological and natural products - without additives or toxins!
  • Also read the reviews on the Internet and don't just pay attention to the number of stars! Some buyers were only bothered by the packaging, but were satisfied with the product. Others thought the packaging was great and gave full marks, even though the product left a lot to be desired. Always pay attention to verified sales (some manufacturers / dealers like to write their own best reviews and let their imagination run wild)!
  • Be critical when a manufacturer / dealer only has the best ratings! Nobody always gets the full star number.
  • If in doubt, contact the manufacturer (hotline or email) and don't be put off by long waiting times! After all, it's about your health. Persevere until all of your questions have been answered or doubts have been dispelled.
  • The more people are no longer willing to be poisoned, the more manufacturers are forced to rethink and react. So always be persistent!
  • Don't fall into the cheap price trap! There's always a reason Manufacturer X's product is so much cheaper than Manufacturer Y's! No company has anything to give away.
  • Do not forget that false frugality can cost you your health (then it gets really expensive - in the worst case, for the rest of your life).
  • Do not be fooled, even if what you hear / read sounds so clever and conclusive!

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