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Rasayana - rejuvenation in Ayurveda

Jun 05, 2022


Rasayana - Anti Aging is already> 5000 years old

According to Ayurvedic definition, a Rasayana is a mixture of herbs and minerals that builds you up and revitalizes you. The desire for lasting health and powerful energy is already a few thousand years old. In Ayurveda, Rasayana is used to bring the doshas out of balance back into balance. So your body can regenerate again.

Does that really work?

How does a rasayana work? According to Ayurvedic teaching, a Rasayana works on the subtle and material level and strengthens the immune system and physical strength in humans. And even sustainably! Vasant Lad, one of the leading Ayurveda doctors, writes about this branch of Ayurveda medicine that Rasayana therapy is a “rejuvenation therapy that brings about the renewal, regeneration and restoration of all body cells, tissues and organs; it increases immune strength, endurance [also sexually] and longevity. "

And here's the proof:

The antioxidant effect was examined in a medical study by Ayurvedic doctors. In this study the tonic herbs were used Guduchi and Ashwagandha Taken for 6 months. The doctors came to the conclusion that oxidative stress was prevented by taking 2 x 500 mg daily for six months. Source of the study: Evaluation of the antioxidant potential of Rasayana drugs in healthy human volunteers [caption id = "attachment_15206" align = "alignleft" width = "350"]Rasayana strengthens ojas Strong Ojas is an expression of spontaneity, attractiveness and a spontaneous and calm, calming smile. [/ Caption]

A rasayana strengthens Ojas

In Ayurvedic teaching, Ojas is the finest body matter, the subtle link and the key to consciousness. Ojas is responsible for intelligence and a strong immune system. If Kapha increases, it causes disturbances in Ojas and vice versa. Diabetes, numbness of the extremities, excessive mobility of joints can result from such Kapha disorders. When Ojas is reduced, Vata disorders such as impaired perception, weakness, loss of consciousness or fear can also occur. If Ojas is balanced, the body has the necessary vitality and defenses.

Ojas is the secret of Ayurvedic teaching

Ojas is an immaterial substance, on the border between tangible and consciousness. If Ojas is well trained, then the person is perfectly healthy mentally and physically. You can smell Ojas in babies, they are still completely enveloped in this sacred substance. Ojas is the connection between body and mind. Ojas arises from the transformation of food through all seven layers of tissue. Since it is not always easy to eat so pure, to live and to think that everything that is transformed in the body can develop into ojas, there are the rasayanas. They help you get close to this ideal state. At the end of this post you will see all the rasayanas that you can buy here in the shop. [caption id = "attachment_15322" align = "alignleft" width = "350"]Anti aging in Ayurveda Anti aging in Ayurveda means turning the aging process around [/ caption]

Just turn the aging process around

Aging processes occur when the body is exposed to toxic influences. And as you know, that happens very easily. The air in the cities, the additives in the food and bad thoughts alone contribute to the "poisoning" of the body. It is often difficult or difficult to avoid these influences. But since not everyone can live high up on an alpine pasture in pure air and without stress, it is not easy to maintain an ideal lifestyle. Fortunately, Ayurveda thought of supporting us with rasayanas thousands of years ago. The strong antioxidant effect of the rasayanas simply intervenes in the process of cell aging. Rasayanas protect, cleanse and strengthen the various tissues (dhatus). Because everything that we ingest in terms of spiritual and edible food has to pass through these seven tissues. If the seven layers of tissue can work powerfully, then at the end of the chain of transformation, ojas will be formed. And there it is again, that wonderful Ojas!

Rasayana production: Then as now, a complex process

A rasayana always balances all three doshas. While the herbal mixtures specifically compensate for certain deficits, a rasayana always works on all three doshas. Like many, many hundreds of years ago, the rasayanas are still elaborately made by hand. Dr. Karin Pirc, one of the most important Ayurveda doctors in Europe, describes it as follows: "The manufacturing process is very complex, it comprises many precisely traditional individual steps with which the herbal and mineral components are not only mixed, but also refined step by step in many successive procedures. Through this ancient knowledge, the organizing powers of the intelligence of nature are systematically animated and thereby strengthen the homeostatic self-healing powers in the human organism. "

Rasayana therapy

Rasayana therapy with herbal rasayanas improves the qualities of Rasa and enriches it with nutrients to maintain longevity, memory, intelligence, health and youthfulness as much as possible. It should be mentioned here that everyone has to die. With Ayurveda, however, the quality of life can be greatly improved. The complexion, the voice, the optimal development of the body and sensory organs, the mastery of phonetics, seriousness and brilliance are achieved through Rasayana therapy. Continuous use is also possible, depending on the Rasayana.

The different types of rasayana

Kamya Rasayanas promote normal health and increase the body's energy levels, immunity, and general health. Pranakamya promotes vitality and longevity. Medhakamya promotes intelligence. Naimittika helps fight a specific disease. The classic Rasayana formulas (made according to traditional Sanskrit scriptures) - how we offer this as general importer with the Kairali products - contain a large number of ingredients such as minerals, herbal ingredients such as the rejuvenating Amla fruit, Terminalia belerica, Terminalia chebula, Shilajit, long pepper, black pepper, ginger, Guggul, Guduchi, Ashwaganda, Shatavari, milk, honey and other vegetable substances. The ingredients are precisely specified for each product.

Western adulteration of Ayurveda products

Western drugstores and pharmacies as well as online trading have long since recognized the advantage of Ayurveda products and created their own formulas. Inexpensive fillers, unnecessary vitamins, dyes and additional substances that are permitted according to the food law are added to the vegetable matter. The food supplements and rasayanas are thus falsified and not, as described in Sanskrit (old Ayurveda scriptures), made manually and according to strict rules. Many products are named 'Ayurveda'marked in the product title. The manufacture and the attached fabrics however, they are not made according to Sanskrit and are therefore lower quality at a comparatively high price. Ayurveda Paradise therefore recommends always buying original Ayurveda products (traditional Ayurveda). Precise observation of the composition (which is required by law) of the product indicates whether the product is a Sanskrit product or not.

We offer 100% Ayurveda and 100% nature

Rasayanas are made manually according to strict Sanskrit rules. The food supplements contain 100% naturally grown plants with no cheap additives.

With Ayurveda against the free oxygen radicals

Free oxygen radials arise from our modern way of life, from exposure to the sun, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, environmental pollution, chemical pharmaceuticals, stress, constant stress on body and mind and exposure to radiation. They are the basis for all inflammatory processes in the body, cancer, autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis and the aging process. Rasayana can stop and even reverse this aging process. The medicinal herbs, which complement and reinforce each other in their effects in a Rasayana, actually have the ability to support your body and stop the harmful processes.

These and other rasayanas are available in the shop

In Ayurveda paradise you can main order rasayana. Here is an overview of which are currently available. [block id = "rasayana-product-presentation"]

Naturally occurring rasayana

There are some rasayanas that are completely natural and are not mixtures of herbs and roots. They are: Rasayanas are a treat for all ages, from babies to old men. They support the production of Ojas, the subtle substance that ensures your joy and energy. Your immune system will be strengthened, your protection against free radicals will be strengthened, so you can't go wrong. You can only win. Incidentally, the effect of rasayanas is enhanced by an ethical and loving way of life. Rasayanas are more than dietary supplements

Conclusion: Rasayanas are more than a dietary supplement

Already in the ancient traditions it is written about the Rasayanas that they are an "Ayurvedic rejuvenation cure". The word is composed of Rasa = juice, taste and Ayana = correct movement. A rasayana therefore means: The correct movement of the juice in the body. Incidentally, it is spoken with the emphasis in the middle: Rassáijana.

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